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Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution Ultimate Assassin Trailer

Hitman: Absolution's release date is sneaking up on us, piano wire in hand, and the latest trailer tells us why you will never be as good as Agent 47.

Hitman: Absolution releases for PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 and November 20.

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  • I like it. They throwing some subliminal shots at assassin creed. I personally like hitman better.
  • How are these games? Never played one.
  • Sam Fisher could take 47 hands down.
  • Anyone else pre-ordered the Professional Edition?
  • 10 more days for my two favorite games to be released and don't know if I can pick up both at the same time but heck I'll be HAPPY!
  • cool

  • Agent 47 is bull from nightcourts twin and no one was affraid of him.
  • Fantastic trailer,sweet moses this game looks good.
  • is that dan ryckert in the pic?

  • I never had the chance to experience any Hitman game,so I wonder if I play this new installment I will feel lost about the whole story ... :/
  • Ah, so 47's a conspiracy theorist nut now. Did he do a write-in vote this election? Noticed the tag-line is "The Original Assassin." Guess they're sure not feeling insecure against AC III. Connor could take down this nut-job easy.
  • Sniper Challenge is one of the best preorder bonuses ever.

  • I may not be able to measure up to 47as an assassin, but I bet I could beat take him in a staring contest (Note: Killing me during the contest results in my victory by default).
  • Looks good.

  • Very nice.

  • sick

  • sick

  • My most anticipated game of this entire year. Can't wait to pick up my Professional Editon.
  • Huh, a trailer explaining the difficulty settings.
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