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Hitman: Absolution

Two New Hitman: Absolution Screens Show Agent 47 Relaxing At A Barbecue

I like to think that this is just how Agent 47 prefers to socialize when it comes to hanging out at a barbecue. Hiding in the shadows from high above.

Apparently, this is Mason McCready's get together, and Agent 47 is upset that he wasn't formally invited. Either that, or he's been assigned to kill him.

Hitman: Absolution doesn't have a firm release date, but hopefully it will be out this year.

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  • Can't wait for this new game!

  • I'm glad he is sneaking in that picture, I was under the impression that the developers wanted the CoD audience and made it a fast paced shooter.
  • Yet another game to break my wallet,cant wait.
  • Ah I can't wait for this game. I do hope it gets released this year. It's been too long.

  • I love Agent 47! I can't wait to play as the familiar red-tie wearing assassin once again :D
  • This game is shaping up nicely. It'll be a shame to kill Diana though, oh well can't say we didn't see that coming.

  • My money. Take it.

  • It's just looking better and better. I don't know how anybody wouldn't noticed a man in a suit and tie scaling their building and be the least bit curious haha.

  • Awesome set of photos.  Looking forward to this game.

  • That's not where one is supposed to stand at a BBQ?
  • Graphically I thought this game looked incredible, until i built a new PC 2 weeks ago and started playing the Witcher 2.  No I want new consoles :(

  • That's the modern assassin for ya

  • How do they not see the dude?

  • Nice screen shots.

  • The first screenshot looks pretty nice graphically. I've played Splinter Cell Conviction, so if this is anything like it I would probably enjoy it a lot.

  • Looking good Agent 47.

  • Looks ok, I guess

  • REALY! They're blind or the barbecue is THAT good?
  • Anyone else notice 47 lacks his gloves in this shot ?
  • this is honestly the first I've heard of the series, but it looks quite good. I'd really love to see an actual stealth game rather than a shooter with stealth mechanics, I'm hoping Hitman: absolution will fit the bill.

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