enjoyed all of the hitman games and have played them multiple times (aside from hitman absolution) . In the others your disguise was your most powerful weapon (aside from your silver ballers if someone pissed you off) and they kind of made hit man a puzzle game in a sense. So i walked into absolution blind. If i put on my disguise and walked into a room some one on the other side of the room would recognize me instantly. It kind of ruins the experience almost to the point to where I couldn't finish the game. And the combat that i feel they wanted you to rely on more was droll at best . As for plot it was kind of a step up in a sense but could've used a few more twist. So if you can get past the pathetic disguise system and droll combat (which i hated resorting to because hitman is more about stealth) there are some enjoyable sections of this game.But I would not suggest it a friend or actually I wouldn't suggest it to someone I hate.