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  • Blog Post: Learn More About Those Sexy Nuns In New Hitman: Absolution Trailer

    A recent trailer for Hitman: Absolution showed Agent 47 facing off against a group of assassins dressed like nuns. They carried a variety of weapons, including rocket launchers and submachine guns. They also happened to be wearing revealing vinyl/leather outfits under those habits. A new trailer not... More
  • Blog Post: Agent 47 Does His Dirty Work In New Hitman: Absolution Screens

    Square Enix has published another issue of its faux newspaper Hope News Times , which shows a couple of new Hitman: Absolution screens. The new issue of the Hope News Times , details an "accidental" death in Hope, South Dakota. According to the article, a man named Gavin LeBlond met an untimely... More
  • Blog Post: Have It Your Way In Hitman: Absolution's Bloody Sandbox

    Agent 47 has earned a reputation for being an efficient and merciless assassin. If you're not familiar with his games, you may not know that he's also a great improviser. A new trailer for Hitman: Absolution shows Agent 47 in action, doing his best to remain undetected and also attacking his... More
  • Blog Post: Learn All About Hitman: Absolution’s Diana Burnwood

    Even the most solitary covert operatives need a trusted lifeline to secure new intel and gear. For Agent 47, this person is Diana Burnwood. These two videos from Square Enix highlight Agent 47’s mysterious better half via a trailer and interview with the actor portraying her. Check out the video... More
  • Blog Post: Walking With Agent 47

    [Update]: The Hitman: Absolution E3 demo was a huge earlier this year – so much so that Square Enix is now making it available for a third time. Take a look at the 16-minute mission, complete with commentary from two developers over at IO Interactive. Game director Tore Blystad and gameplay director... More
  • Blog Post: It's Been A While, Agent 47

    A few months back, we got to see a live gameplay demo of the latest entry in the Hitman franchise. While Agent 47 relies on stealth and camouflage to ensure that nobody remembers him, publisher Square Enix doesn't want players to forget about the assassin quite so easily. With that in mind, they've... More
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