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Hitman: Absolution

Agent 47 Takes On Sexy Nuns In New Trailer

When you're as good at your job as Agent 47 has become over the years, you're bound to attract attention. This new Hitman: Absolution trailer shows a squad of sexy nuns/assassins paying a visit to Mr. 47 in a seedy-looking hotel.

You could argue that dressing like a nun makes sense in this situation. After all, those habits do a great job of concealing those submachine guns and rocket launchers. On the other hand, you'd be forgiven if you dismissed this as a cheap way to inject sexuality in the game while courting controversy. Take a look at the video below and judge for yourself.

For more info on the actual game, take a look at this nun-free gameplay trailer. Look for Hitman: Absolution on November 20 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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  • Oh god. I love Hitman, and sexy Nuns. This jives with me.
    The style of this cinematic looks really good.
  • First?
  • Wow, this just made it on my must preorder list
  • Special guest director, Quentin Tarantino.

  • Time to show ubisoft who is the real Assassin
  • Definitely gonna be checking this game out, I'm a big Hitman fan and this trailer totally jump-started my interest in the game. Just more proof that no matter how many guns/people you bring, messing with Agent 47 is never a good idea.
  • NOOOOO!! Not the dreaded and feared Assassnuns!!
  • WTF? sado-lingerie army nuns? i expect this from lollipop chainsaw, not Hitman :s
  • AMAZING!!! Can not wait!!!!!!!

  • Holy hell!!! This game looks freaking amazing!!! I wasn't really into it, but after this trailer gotta buy it!

  • Seems like the whole game is some sort of a revenge drama where Hitman decides to go mental on.  As long as stealth is still there I am getting this.

  • WOW!! One of the best trailers I've ever seen!

  • Hitman you are awesome can't wait for NOV-20

  • For the record, there is no such thing as a sexy nun. I don't care how hot the woman is, or how skimpy the costume is is. If it in any way resembles a nun, it's more creepy than sexy.
  • ok first, i love that he's covered in battle scars. it makes him a mortal killer and that brings me to second, how often do we see 47 as the target of an onslaught like this? he was vulnerable and sometimes they got the upper hand, loved it! could've done without the s&m nun outfits, but whatever. and what's the deal with the band-aid on his barcode? could he be removing it?
  • Don't know how dressing up as a nun helps you be an assassin any.  Fight scene was cool and cinematics were great though.  

  • This made me uncomfortable. I don't like seeing women get hurt like this so explicitly.
  • Wish I was thought by Nuns that looked like that!

  • Hey! Cant you see this lady is a nun!?
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