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Hitman: Absolution

Learn All About Hitman: Absolution’s Diana Burnwood

Even the most solitary covert operatives need a trusted lifeline to secure new intel and gear. For Agent 47, this person is Diana Burnwood. These two videos from Square Enix highlight Agent 47’s mysterious better half via a trailer and interview with the actor portraying her.

Check out the video below to catch up on Agent 47’s shady past:

This video interview with Marsha Thomason reveals interesting tidbits about Diana’s personality and what it’s like to capture her essence:

Agent 47’s mission continues this year on 360, PS3, and PC.

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  • i like the trailer but the interview was irrelevant.

  • GOD i am so ready to suit up as Agent 47 again. I like Altair and Ezio, but i have been killing people as Agent 47 alot longer and he is the man.
  • OMG!!!! This looks fantastic!!!!!  Very excited indeed.

  • Man, loved the old ones and cant wait to play a reboot.

  • I was lukewarm about the new Hitman, but after seeing Marsha Thomason is involved in the product, I'm on board.

  • nice looks sweet

  • OH wow...talk about a sick twist. Killing your handler....well such is a life of an assassin. Everyone is a target. Even you.

  • She's not going to have great odds of survival if Agent 47 accepts the job against her.

  • Looks aight

  • I remember when the Hitman: Absolution annoucement trailer was released last summer. I speculated that 47's target in the shower was Diana. Too predictable.

    Oh who am I kidding? I'm probably gonna love the hell out of this game.

  • I may have waited too long to jump into the original games (tried to play them a couple years ago and somewhat enjoyed them but never finished any them), but everything I've seen for this game looks quite good.  I wouldn't be opposed to some HD remakes.  Regardless, I'll probably play this.

  • I cant wait for this game man! huge fan of the hit man series

  • Looks like a few of my predictions were right!  I wrote a blog post / preview about it at


  • "Who is Diana rindeeeeed?"  I love her accent!  It's the chick from Lost and Las Vegas.

  • Looks awesome I cant wait!

  • Looking great, cant wait. Its nice to see a classic being reborn and not suck

  • Always wanted to know more about Diana.

  • I am looking forward to this game im glad Square Enix are the ones who made it!