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Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Battle For Control Of Shrines In New Gameplay Video

Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm entered “technical alpha” yesterday, and now we have a full match of the game as played by Blizzard developers to enjoy. The match takes place on the newly updated Dragon Shire map, one of the many arenas in which players will be battling upon Heroes of the Storm’s full release.

Heroes of the Storm game director Dustin Browder and Kevin Knocke, manager of online broadcasting at Blizzard, commentate on the action as two teams of five duke it out for control of various shrines sprinkled about the map in order to destroy the opposing team’s base. When captured, these shrines allow that team to activate another shrine, the dragon knight shrine, which transforms one of the team’s players into a massive dragon knight. Thanks to his increased damage and defenses, the dragon knight is crucial for securing victory as he can easily lay siege to enemy structures.

Blizzard’s decision to not include a non-disclosure agreement with the alpha of the game means you can expect more details and footage of Heroes of the Storm as soon as the general public begins to get their hands on the title. Be sure to watch the game in action below.

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  • I have no idea what is happening and how this is anything like Dota
  • I really can't see a big difference between this and DOTA.

  • Dragon Knight is a hero in DotA 2...
  • As awesome as this is, I see a problem emerging. People already cry foul at a beta likes there's no tomorrow, so you give them access to a technical alpha? My God. I expect a small group of people who know something about DotA, and can understand what an alpha test consists of, to be fairly excited for this. However, the large majority of the population will be firing off so many complaints...

    Maybe I can assist.

    - Blizzard owns all of the original DotA assets.

    - MOBA's are hard to understand, at first.

    - As an alpha test, this will be far from complete.

    - Expect many unpolished features, and a lack of modes.

  • This looks terrible.
  • Just so you know, this 'alpha' has been in the making for 6(?) years. This is not blizzard dota, Blizzard is not using the original dota because of Dota 2. This game basically throws away any down time in MOBA matches and puts players in a constant team-fight game.

  • I really can't wait to play this game. I read about it in a Game Informer Magazine, and I love all the things you can do in a match. I can't wait to play all the maps.

  • Become the Dragon Knight by playing Dota. Ez win. GG wp.