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Heroes of Ruin Review- OOCr055f1r3

So I know that it is a little late to write a review on a game that has been out for awhile but I figured since this will be my first review I might as well practice with something that I have been playing. 

  • My experience with this game is only when I play with my friend. 
  • Multi-player plays a lot like Champions of Norrath on the ps2. 
  • Could be compared to diablo 3. In terms of gameplay not content.
  • No lag across internet with 2 people. 4 people occasionaly. Locally I am not sure.
  • At first glance you may think it is a loot fest when in fact it is not; you can pick up loot but it is rare that it drops.
  • I played single player for about half an hour and I believe loot drops much more frequently out of regular enemies instead of multiplayer where drops are from chests and bosses.
  • If you register a friend via friend code you can play with them and get rewarded for having an "Alliance".
  • Alliances with different friends level up. Each level brings something cool such as "rare items drop more frequently, do more damage, etc..."
  • I played on a 3ds XL and the 3d makes my eyes hurt. I play my other games on full 3d but it is just poorly done on HoR. Although the graphics look just fine in normal.
  • There are four different classes to choose from including:
  • Vindicator (Lion with a two handed sword)
  • Gunslinger (Human dual wielding pistols)
  • Alchitect (Some type of elf mage)
  • Savage (Melee barbarian)
  • Each class feels much different than the others.
  • There are three skill trees for each class.
  • Your regular attacks seem to do more damage than the skills you unlock from leveling.
  • Lvl 30 cap.
  • There is a player market but only for players in your game. Which is cool if you want to sell stuff. Players can make bids on other players items. Which can be accepted or declined.
  • Players can wander around as far away from each other as they want.
  • 4 player max.
  • Music fits the theme.
  • You can hold L to talk into your built-in mic to the other players in the game. Very handy.

Feel free to question or comment! 

  • For this review as well as in the future, I will outline the actual gameplay elements of the games I review. Not the story itself.