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Escape A Hellish Monastery In Interactive Video

Techland's upcoming game Hellraid pits up to four players against the inhabitants of a monastery that's been overrun by demons and other assorted beasts. The company has released a new interactive trailer for the game that puts you in the shoes of a monk named Edyn who's desperately hoping to escape.

The trailer is set a week before the events of the game. Players have to make the right decisions to guide Edyn safely away from the monastery. It's an exercise in trial and error, unlike the actual game, but it also does a good job of showing off the world and some of the enemy designs. Judging from some of the bad decisions available to players, the monks knew how to set up some mean traps. Beware.

The monk is one of the game's four playable classes, along with the rogue, mage, and warrior. If you manage to get Edyn out safely, your reward is a downloadable track from the game's score. 

Look for Hellraid later this year on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • Mod
    Don't open the chest! ACK!

    Beat it! The ending video (for those of you too lazy to trek through the end like a boss):

    Really fun video maze!

    Now to claim my prize. The art-style and gameplay somehow reminds me of Skyrim, but just different enough. I just might get it (After I'm done beating the poo out of Skyrim, of course).

  • I won't be getting invested into next gen till next year so I'll give hellraid a try.  

  • This is looking pretty cool, thanks for the update.

  • Open the chest, you know you want too
  • I am so glad I stalked up on games for this generation. Between New Vegas, GTA5, Metro, Sleeping Dogs (PSN), Hitman: Prostitution (PSN), Witcher 2, Heart of the Swarm and POE.. I don't have to worry about stuff like this unless its worth bothering for.

  • enemy defeat monster or zombies fight interesting.

  • I think this game looks great! Look forward to it!

  • Idk about this one. Looks okay but I can't see paying $59.99 for it.

  • It looks like a ton of fun to play with my friends! If its $60, though, I'll wait for a price drop

  • I really liked the way they made the preview

  • I like this kind of thing; these Youtube throwbacks to those "interactive movies" of the Sega CD era. But only because you don't have to pay to "play" them :) I still feel bad that GIO had to suffer through that "Mansion of Hidden Souls" game for a Replay a couple weeks ago...

  • About time! I've been waiting for more info on this game.