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Screenshots Reveal Hints Of Gameplay

Techland has released new screenshots and details for their latest action title, Hellraid. From the developer that brought gamers Call of Juarez and Dead Island, Hellraid looks like a title going in a different direction from western shooters and survival horror. 

Using a class system, players can choose between warrior, mage, paladin, and rogue and can further customize characters by upgrading abilities through skill trees and customizing weapons. Hellraid aims to combine RPG elements with hack and slash combat from a first-person perspective.

Hellraid can be played in both single-player and co-op mode for the story campaign, although Techland claims that the co-op mode offers more challenges for the player and friends to take on. A cooperative mode for online multiplayer is also available.

Slated for release in 2013, Hellraid will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

  • Sounds cool, I would love to stab a minotaur in the eye. Oh, and zombie guts.
  • Released later this year on current-gen consoles? Blasphemy. Anything coming out past this July should be exclusive to next-gen. Once the PS4 and xbox1 come out, these lame machines are dead. Why keep making games for the people too poor to buy a real console. Sell the ps3, save up some welfare checks, and pick up a PS4. It is not that difficult. I am so sick of game companies pandering to the 98%...I always give my old tech products to my 6 year old son, so I may buy this game for him when I give him my PS3.
  • Looks interesting, the graphics could use a bit of work but as long as the games fun I dont care about those.
  • I've never heard of this game but the screenshots look amazing!

    Can't wait to hear more about it.

  • It's supposed to be more linear than Dead Island though, which isn't the direction I was hoping they'd go.
  • First person, mature fantasy action RPG AND it's couch co-op?  Color me interested.

  • Looks cool, glad to see Techland not only sticking to the zombie genre. Was a bit put off by their latest iteration of Dead Island (Dying Light), I hope it's good but just changing the title isn't going to help if it's anything like Dead Island 2 which was pointless and went absolutely nowhere.
  • Looks like an ultra-violent Skyrim.
  • Finally. After 15 years, my Hexen and Heretic itch will be scratched again! Oh glorious day!!

  • This is the first I've heard of this game.

  • How have I not heard of this until now? This seems really cool.

  • Looking pretty good there!

  • Heard about this a couple weeks ago on the TGS podcast and loved it then.

    A HD Heretic/Hexen(amazing games, still fun today), what's not to love about that.

  • That looks pretty dang cool.

  • So they're making this AND Dying Light?

  • First person action games are the next big thing i'm calling it now.
  • Kinda looks like a mobile game, but it still looks like something I would be interested in.

  • i am digging this game so far. anyone know if it'll be physical or digital?
  • I had not heard about this game before reading this article, but it is now on my radar, it looks really cool. Also, Techland is a busy developer, both this and Dying Light announced so closely to each other, I hope they can pull them both off.
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