Behind The Scenes Of The In-Engine Gamescom Teaser - Hellblade - PlayStation 4 -
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Behind The Scenes Of The In-Engine Gamescom Teaser

In eight weeks, the team at Ninja Theory brought to life one of the more stunning trailers unveiled at Gamescom. The team’s upcoming title, Hellblade is a long time off, but the studio will be engaging in open development along the way.

The trailer was shot in Unreal Engine 4 on a shortened deadline in order to make Sony’s Gamescom press conference. The budget was only a few hundred pounds, and the team used a member of the staff rather than an actress for the protagonist’s model.

In the short development timeline, the team experimented with a new, in-house motion capture technique. While that didn’t work for the trailer, Ninja Theory will be revisiting it as it progresses through Hellblade development.

For more on the title, check out our coverage from Gamescom.

Note: This story originally labeled Hellblade as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The title is actually "first to console" on PS4 according to Ninja Theory. Game Informer apologizes for the error.

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  • Wow. Pretty cool. Love how this game is coming along.
  • Mike, pretty sure Hellblade isn't exclusive, it just comes to PS4 first.
  • Mod
    The main girl looks A LOT like Kai from Heavenly Sword. Also, the name isn't lost on me. Heavenly Sword. Hellblade.
  • Haha. Potato sack.

  • I'm very excited about this game and cant wait to hear more. To this day Heavenly Sword is my favorite PS3 game and still to date one of the best looking games I've ever played. Ninja Theory is awesome at what they do and I'm sure this new game will be amazing once it's finished.

  • This game looks awesome, as a huge fan of Heavenly Sword I can't wait to see what Ninja Theory does with this IP!
  • :D

  • Heavenly Sword was my first PS3 game, and I look forward to this one! Now I just have to get a PS4! Kinda funny how this will most likely be my first PS4 game, as HS was for my ps3…p.s. ever other game I am interested in the near future is going to multi plate for ps3 too like Dragon Age for example.

  • That's pretty insane.

  • Awesome. Can't wait for the next video.

  • That is a mighty disturbing pic at the top of the page.

    That guy is not having the best of days...

  • I really like the concept of this game. Bringing a mental illness to the main character in a game is something different.