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Enough gameplay?

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  • Just curious if those who have played the demo and/or the full game think there is enough gameplay for this to still be considered a game. It looks beautiful but pushing X every ten minutes doesn't seem all that fun.

  • A lot of games use that mechanic if you really think about it.

    When I'm not in combat in Champions Online, I'm hitting F over and over and over and over and over...

  • Funny isn't tapping X what you do in god of war yet that is so fun =P

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  • It's not just about hitting X. But maybe it isn't the game for you

  • The graphics are amazing and I think the story could be intriguing, but I fear the game mechanics will keep this as a rental at best for me.  I was really hoping that I could get into it, but the demo was kind of blah for me.


  • its been described as an interactive movie, i'd like to see if it has Sim quality where you can decide to do anything or if everything is linear choices

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  • I think this is definitely gonna be one of the best games on PS3 this year, the graphics look beautiful and i love games where every decision affects the outcome of the game!

  • I'm worried about the "gameplay" was well.  I put it in quotes because like you said...is there enough of it?  IGN just had a fight scene on their website from early in the game.  They broke it down three different ways.  After all three scenerio's, the end result was exactly the same.  The sequence was different, but it's the end that matters right?  Can't count on Heavy Rain to set any expectations, but until I play it once through...it's definetly a rental.

  • yeah this is definitely going to be a rental for me

  • Pressing the buttons to correspond with the story may not sound fun, and for many gamers might not actually be fun at all, but I thought it was a great way to progress the story and put you in control, which is exactly what the game does.

    Do you run around and slay forty-seven hundred enemies like in "God of War"? No, but you decide how the story is told, and this interactive drama is hands down the best of its genre (in fact, in many cases, it's one of the few of its genre). I hope the reception this game is getting opens up other developers to tap the genre and help cement its position in the gaming community... but that's me.

  • okay...You should read the Game Infomer article. A game doesn't have to have tons of action to be considered a game. The writer of the article said that games are becoming the same thing that most people begin to think that a game has to be action filled to be considered a game and needs to have amazing gameplay. Heavy Rain is unique in the fact that it changes up the gameplay. I didn't explain it very well but I suggest you read the article. Before I read the article I was unsure about if I should consider this a game but the writer (I think it was Joe Juba) pointed out many great facts. I am getting this game on Friday and I am so excited. This is definitely a story-driven game with unique gameplay and I think it will be revolutionary, even if you aren't (as thex02 said) slaying hundreds of enemies like in GOD OF WAR. In the Game Informer show they related Heavy Rain to GOW a lot in the way that it is the button pressing. I guess when you are about to do a crazy move in GOW button prompts come onto the screen. I don't know but definetly read the article if you still are unsure.

  • How many games have you come across that make you think about what just happened?  Really?  Things progress, you level up, and the game moves on.  But what does that mean other than you can kill some enemies quicker??  So many games from the God Of War's to the Call Of Duty MW2 are fun to play, but they don't come anywhere close to having the impact this game makes on a more emotional and (dare I say) emotional level.  Debate the "game play" all you want.  This is an amazing game with an engaging story that unfolds differently depending on how you interact with each sequence.  I've just completed my first play through, and yes, it was thoroughly depressing, but it was absolutely f***ing amazing.  Stirring up emotions because of what I did and did not  do is a difficult task for a game to accomplish.  Not many movies can do that.  No other game has come close to being an "experience" like Heavy Rain.  

    Coming in to this game with an open mind is key.  It is tense, and even the "simple" button sequences are riddled with consequences depending on how well you complete them.  Sometimes "completing" them will result in bad news from my experience...

    Love it or hate it, it is unique and worth one or two (or three) playthroughs.

  • well, the pushing a botton every few 10 mins may be like watching paint dry, but the realaizam of the fights that this make, its much better then pinning the villian next to a wall and just beating the crap out of him, would you agree

  • Absolutely! I platinumed this game in around 25 hours and every cent was extremely well spent. I would play this one again anytime and can only recommend it in every way! It's the first interactive movie like game and it has received it's platinum award for good reasons :)

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