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  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain User Review

    I am, and always will be, a fan of a game that lets the player choose. After all, my favorite game of all time is the original Mass Effect. But Quantic Dream injects some fresh and innovative details into the foray in Heavy Rain. I've heard about similarities between Heavy Rain's and Indigo Prophecy's... More
  • Blog Post: Storytelling At It's Finest

    Quanticdream's Heavy Rain breaks the mold on storytelling in video games. It blends a beautiful mixture of intense action, dramatic scenes, and interactive cinematography and weaves a beautiful web as it tells it's story of love, fear, and deception. There are few games out there like Heavy Rain... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain Ends Up A Bit Light On Freedom (NO SPOILERS)

    With a game like Heavy Rain, reviews can become much less concrete. Questions arise such as "Are you a 'storyline gamer' or a 'gameplay gamer'?" Suddenly, gamers are sorted into strange and new categories that never existed before, changing the meaning of a review. Because of... More
  • Blog Post: Must buy!

    Heavy Rain is differnt its your choses that choose the out come of the game. You play as 4 differnt characters A dad, a private eye, a journalist, a secret agent/FBI guy. All are affected buy the plot in differnt ways. Plot: Find out who the oragami killer is and stop them. Graphics: Amazing faces and... More
  • Blog Post: This IS a game

    When I first heard about Heavy Rain I was very excited.I have never seen a game that played the way it did in the original E3 demo. So after a long wait it is finally here and it really didn't dissapoint. For anyonw that says this is not a game is wrong. It is a game, just one like none other. It... More
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