Heavy Rain is a game that I can't give a score that's less than a 10.It has one of the most captivating stories I've ever experienced from any type of media whether it be a video game,movie etc.

What makes Heavy Rain stand out from a video gaming perspective is it's story is unique as far as video game stories go.It's story is about a married man named Ethan Mars who seemingly has the perfect life with a beautiful wife and two kids and a nice home and a seemingly good paying job.However after a tragedy which causes the death of one of his sons,his marriage falls apart and he ends up living in a shabby townhouse type thing in a rough-looking neigborhood and shares joined custody of their lone-surviving son,and as you could guess,Ethan and his son are depressed during the time they spend together.

One day in an attempt to make the bond with his son strong again,Ethan takes his son to the park and his son is starting to smile and is having fun and Ethan gets distracted by something and stops watching his son for a short time and in that time his son is kidnapped by a serial killer referred to as the 'origami killer' and Ethan must try to track down the killer.

The story also introduces other interesting characters such as an attractive woman named 'Madison' who has her own reasons for being interested in following the origami killer,as well as a private detective named Scott Shelby,as well as a detective named Norman Jayden who has his own problems to deal with and all of these characters are playable.There's other interesting characters who are not playable such as a woman who's a prostitute and who's child was murdered by the origami killer.

The story does a good job of showing the darker side of humanity,because it shows corrupt and lazy police who are more concerned of their own careers and pinning the murders on somebody to enhance their careers rather than finding the origami killer,although Norman is a good cop and tries to reason with the corrupt police and makes a good effort to find the origami killer uses whatever clues he can find as well as interesting sci fi inventions.

The story is very open-ended and keeps you guessing.You can create romance and sexual encounters,it's possible for Ethan's son to die or be saved depending on what you do.The origami killer  could be anyone and the story keeps you guessing to his/her identity while revealing little clues that could point to numerous people,even some of the protagonists.It's possible for the main characters to die too.

The story has a lot of thrill in the way it incorporates gameplay.There is times you'll have to do something such as kill a stranger or use sex or cut off your own limbs in order to save Ethan's son or to get the information you need.

There is QTE scenes which need to be done correctly and quickly,such as when you're driving against traffic which is one of the tasks given by the origami killer or shooting your way past enemies and puzzles such as using clues to find a certain place and crawling through a vent filled with broken glass and failure to do these tasks can result in the death of a character and a drastic change in the story.

The gameplay does a good job to be suspenseful because you'll want to keep the characters alive and out of jail.

The visuals have some of the most realistic facial animations you'll see for a 7th gen console and the visuals have great detail and atmosphere,such as the dark,murky atmosphere caused by the continuous rain and the way it blends with the rough-looking neighbourhood that has buildings with graffiti on them and the shabby-looking townhouse Ethan lives in.

But Ethan's house at the start of the game before his marriage problems was lovely and filled with lots of everyday objects.

The music for the game is incredible and makes the atmosphere and suspense and emotion in the story even more powerful,I can listen to the soundtrack for this game without even playing the game.

The game has lots of replay value from replaying story segments to get different story paths and trying to get all the trophies.

Overall,yes I did give this game a score of 10 because when I started playing it I didn't want to stop until I got some sort of story closure.