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gs rain

David Cage the man behind classics such as Indigo Prophecy & Nomad Soul brings us the best looking game ever. The graphics are on par with a Final Fantasy Cut Sean all the way through. I have played through once and some more and yes this game is different each time you play through {unless you are the type of person who can remember each step you made and play it out each time}.
The sound is top of the line, excelent though one character I could not tell if he was Russian or Mexican. Environmental sounds were made in the field and are authentic, bringing atmosphere and a seance you are there. The music when turned down a bit adds to this atmosphere whether it be a seance of tension, joy, suffering and eroticism. This last one brings about who I would recommend this game for. This game is clearly marked for adult consumers, and it's heavy content of psyhcological thriller, nudity, and the mix of emotions might be to much for even sensitive adults.


How ever while this might be a minus for some it is a plus in others. When was the last time you felt a true range of emotions in a game. This is a norm for some movies but in games this one is revolutionary. Some have written that this is more like an interactive movie. This is rubbish you will sway your arms around like you have gone mad, because finely after many years the SIXAXIS has found a game to be proud of. I near yanked my arm in reality in a fight on hard mode. The game might seem to start off slow but it picks up early and becomes a thrill ride. You can beat hard in about 12 hours first go but there are plenty of replays to come and different endings. If you die it is not the end, you play four characters and ether one can continue the story to the bitter end, or good end, or some where in between. The Game comes with an Origami that you can fold using on screen instructions during the first loading sequence and the Collectors Edition avalible at some shops has a bonus disk. The main disk has bonuses [more than just the making of but I shall not spoil it for you] of it's own unlocked with each Trophy that you obtain at the end of each level so as to not break the immersion. I was worried about the controls but I found them easy to learn. If like me you have played Indigo Prophecy then you will feel like you have put on an old pair of shoes that have just been cleaned.


The story might seem to some players who did not get the best ending first go but when you play through a few times you will see that all the peices fit. Every animation is perfect to what the character is supposed to be doing. Whether it's a brisk run or a man walking stiffly with fear. With out Spoilers that you will not read on the back of the case the story is about four people trying to find the Origami Killer a serial killer who targets young boys {as I said heavy stuff} and in five days kills them if some things have not happened. If I tell you more it will spoil the best video game story so far so delve into it and take a look.
Now with games one would normally put it into a category FPS, RPG or Sport there are no games like this one so lets call it DPT Deep sychological Thriller, because ladies and gents that's what it is. It grabs you from the screen and dosn't let go.


Take it from some one who is afraid of crowds the first part on the rail-station sequince was written by a man with my disorder, Though not the bit that comes next. 
Now if you will excuse me I have a killer to find...
I rate it 10/10


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