Gamers are in constant pursuit of the validation of showing that our chosen media is a true art form. Well, now we don't need to look any further. "Heavy Rain" is proof that gaming can be art. 

The game places you in the shoes of 4 different characters. Ethan Mars, a father desperately searching for his kidnapped son. Madison Paige, a journalist investigating the Origami Killer. Scott Shelby, a private investigator helping the families of the past Origami Killer victims, and Norman Jayden, an FBI agent working with the police to catch the Origami Killer. These four characters help weave an unimaginable story. Never in any other game, have I cared about characters as much. Not only do I care about these 4, but I care immensely about almost all of the NPCs! This is a truly remarkable game!

The main hook is the story. The player is given so much choice, it's almost overwhelming. In basically every chapter (except for the first few preliminary ones) you can change the outcome. There are tons of different endings to find and every single one provokes an emotion. Whether it be anger, happiness, or sadness. 

The gameplay consists almost entirely of walking and QTEs. That may not sound like much, but trust me, it's amazing. You really feel like you're these characters as you're directing their every movement, and the outcome of their various encounters. It's amazing. 

Then there's the music. Needless to say, it's top notch. Some of the best music I've ever heard in a video game. Normand Corbeil (may he rest in peace) has crafted a soundtrack that not only gets your heart racing, but can also tug on your heart-strings.

The only microscopic downside is that the animations can very rarely be a bit clunky, and the voice acting is really as good as it could have been. But these are nothing compared to the absolute masterpiece that you'll be enjoying. Bravo, Quantic Dream. You've made many people believe in the art of gaming.