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Resurrecting The Mech Combat Genre For Free

Khang Le, the creative director for the upcoming free-to-play mech title Hawken, chats up his game calling it a cross between MechWarrior and Halo.

Adhesive games was on hand at Comic Con 2012 to show off Hawken and talk about its Ghost in the Shell influences, among many other things. Check out the video below, and head here to sign up for the beta which starts December 12.

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  • I thought the game came out Dec 12.
  • The last Mech game i played was Front Mission 3, which was pretty good, but haven't really seen one that has caught my interest since.
  • Looks cool, especially the way everything seems to be swaying. It seems to get the mech feel fight.

  • The last good mech game I played was Mechassault. Hawken is looking really good.

  • I've been following this game for a bit. Very excited to see what the end product is.

  • I look forward to trying this.  But with Mechwarrior online coming around the same time I think I will stick with that.  For me I enjoy the greater focus on simulation of Mechwarrior.  

  • I am personally looking more forward to Mech Warrior Online, but I am going to give this a shot as well.  I love the graphical style and speed.

  • Hmm... Been looking forward to this. F2P so why not give it a shot?

  • I'll give it a shot. Looks like Mechwarrior meets Steel Battalion, sans the awesome controller.
  • giant robots anyone?
  • God, I wish I had a PC that could run this.
  • hope it supports eyefinity, this game will be awesome :D

  • Makes me nervous that the best mech-ish game I've ever played (the original Armored Core) wasn't mentioned at all.

  • Had me till FPS. I kinda like to see my whole mech, meaning 3rd person.
  • Mod

    armored core 5 was great

  • Well if its free I might as well give it a shot

  • I love how the mechs have a lot of weight to them. The Hud shakes w/ impacts and shock waves, and even when launching/landing. Looks like it will be hectic bliss when it comes out.

  • Is it too much for me to fantasize about this game running on a Tesla II cockpit? I guess it's back to more Battletech: Firestorm till this releases.

  • That looks epic. I wonder if it will go to the Ouya since it's free-to-play.
  • Looks mechtacular

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