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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd

Sing Along With English Subtitles On Sony Platforms This Fall

Hatsune Miku fans who don’t speak Japanese need no longer only bob their heads along to the virtual superstar’s agreeable beats. Sega has announced the US release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd will come complete with English translations for nearly all of its 40-song track list.

To clarify, Hatsune Miku still sings in Japanese, but Sega hopes the text translation will allow non-Japanese speakers to connect more deeply with the game experience. The “Her Voice Reaches You” trailer demonstrates the subtitles transforming from Japanese to English, and teases a bit of gameplay, as well. 

Project Diva F 2nd brings 20 previously Japan-only songs from PSP entries, as well as 20 brand new songs. It will also receive cross-save functionality and a markerless AR Mode, so players can use the Vita’s camera to project Hatsune Miku onto real-life settings without downloading a marker from the game’s official website.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd will come to PlayStation 3 and Vita this fall. For more, check out our story on another entry in the series, tentatively titled Project Mirai Remix, coming to the US on 3DS sometime next year.

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  • That is a crazy long title.
  • " players can use the Vita’s camera to project Hatsune Miku onto real-life settings....." Well, that sounds nifty. Gonna have to ask some people if this could possibly result in breaking the public performance clause in copyright law. Not that I think SEGA or other rights holders would do anything, just seems nice lil factoid. Also, English subtitles? Yes!
  • Cool! A lot of the songs in F 2nd don't have english lyrics posted online yet, so it's cool to see them find their way over here officially! I'm excited to play through it and earn the platinum this time.

  • I thought the romaji in the first game wasn't really ideal for many people who might be interested in the game, so I'm glad there is a bunch of options now. I really wanted English subtitles so I wouldn't have to look up lyrics I couldn't always translate.

  • So tempted to buy import to avoid wait but still...

  • Mod

    I just hope the AR Photo Mode allows me take pictures of not only Miku, but others like Kagamine Rin together or separate.

    I'd love to have it. Anyways, I'm heavily excited for this game, but so much Vita games coming, I can't even decide which one to get (excluding Freedom Wars, getting that game day one).

  • I've gotten used to the romanji, thanks to the imported games. But actually being able to read all of the lyrics in-game would certainly be a change of pace! I just hope it doesn't throw off my game too much...

  • Well, hopefully this will be enough to make my friend get over his anger about the direction the new COD is going in.

  • Can't wait to jam! But the english subtitles are distracting and unnecessary. It's all about the music!

  • I've already imported and begun enjoying the Vita version, though so far I do like the original's track list better. I'll still probably get the U.S. PS3 release, assuming it's physical. The English translations will address the only complaint I had about the original.