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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley

Harvest Moon Channels Minecraft In New Trailer

The next entry in the Harvest Moon series looks to have some world manipulation elements that will be familiar to Minecraft players.

Minecraft has always shared some mechanics with Harvest Moon in terms of gathering supplies and growing plants, and the latest trailer looks like the two games might overlap a little more. In Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, which is releasing this year for 3DS, players can raise and lower the landscape similar to the way you can in Minecraft. It will allow players to mold the world to their preference with much more options for customization.

You can check out the trailer for the game below.

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  • I've never played a Harvest Moon and I've played the Minecraft demo. I do find this interesting.

  • Maybe It's Due To Lack Of Sleep But The Character Models Scare Me A Little Bit... It's Looking Into My Soul... But I Have Always Been A Fan Of Harvest Moon. This Looks Like It Could Bring Some Fun And Inventive Ways To Change Up The Formula A Little Bit, I'm Excited To Hear More In The Future.
  • I love Harvest Moon, but I can honestly say as a fan of both HM and Minecraft, a mix of both isn't interesting at all. I want old school Harvest Moon back.
  • I haven't played a Harvest Moon game in ages. It's really sad what happened to the franchise. Its early installments were addicting strategy games with a novel premise and cool setting. The new games seem to focus more on being as sickeningly cute as possible instead of innovation or the strategy mechanics of old, and their pacing is so slow I lose interest almost immediately. Sigh...
  • You could almost cram there entire body into there heads. But seriously this game is trying to hard to be minecraft

  • "The next entry in the Harvest Moon series" this statement is false on so many levels. This is not the next entry into the Harvest Moon series, the next entry is Story of Seasons, they just can't call it Harvest Moon because Marvelous AQL has shifted localization to XSEED as opposed to Natsume. This is an entirely new series.
  • Not interested in this at all since it's not part of the main series. Waiting for Story of Seasons.

  • Mod

    Looks pretty interesting! I love Harvest Moon so I'll have to try this out.

  • Too bad it ain't on consoles or anything. Harvest Moon is the kind of game that just shouldn't be on a handheld. This also doesn't look like the best Harvest Moon game either. Where are the towns filled with so many different babes to hit on? If this isn't just the farmer's quest to get hitched like all the other games then it ain't worth it.
  • If I wanna play the next Harvest Moon, then I'll play the actual next Harvest Moon—Story of Seasons.

  • When was this announced? Just now?

  • HM x MC. haha! guess ill give this a try!

  • This is the only harvest moon game I am not interested and I love harvest moon games. Though I heard they changed the names of the other new one to "story of seasons" I consider those more "mature" harvest moon and better to my taste.
  • Mod

    Hey, this looks like it could be cool! I have been itching for a new, modern Harvest Moon, and I've always wanted HM and Minecraft to be combined.

  • "We want the minecraft audience."

    Well, there are plenty of kids spamming every post on miiverse asking for Minecraft on 3DS so hopefully they'll be able to make them shut up for a while.

  • Fortnite...now this crap. The fact that mainstream gaming can't keep up with 3 and 4 year old indie games should tell you a little something about the state of mainstream gaming.

  • I think I will pass on this one and just wait for Story of Seasons.

  • I still don't see why Minecraft hasn't been brought to Nintendo systems. It would sell anther 10+ million I imagine. I just wish they would make Magical Melody 2 on the Wii U. Hell I'd take an upgraded port of Magical Melody for that matter. That game was just too awesome.
  • I do like the idea of making your own unique farm, but this looks terrible. Why would I want Minecraft in my Harvest Moon?

  • Who got mine-craft in my harvest moon? Someone get it out please.