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Homeworld Creators Unveil Hardware RTS

Blackbird Interactive, featuring founders of Homeworld developer Relic, have started up a new, free-to-play RTS called Hardware. Blackbird has also released the first footage of the game showing a glimpse of the title's gameplay.

Hardware features the world of LM-27, where players salvage abandoned spaceships for cargo, which is then turned in for cash. The planet's harsh environment throws up its own challenges, and in this trailer, we see scavengers encounter some hostile forces. The trailer reveals some of the game's unit formations, camera control, and stylized look.

Hardware will begin its closed beta towards the end of the year, and the application process and pre-order packages are available at Blackbird's site.

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  • Looks like my type of game... we definitely don't get enough good RTS's lately.

    Although graphics could use some work... With this setting I'd like to see better particles effects and tracks in the sand and such. This^^ is not cutting it anymore.
  • The graphics certainly don't look groundbreaking, and the art style looks kind of bland...there's going to have to be something really special in the gameplay for this to catch on.
  • Mod

    Woah, this game looks dusty!

  • Looks cool, might sign up later.

  • From the flight trails, telltale score, and overhead map, this has Homeworld written all over it!  Sign me up!

  • It doesn't look too bad. But I'm always up for trying a new RTS.

  • This looks really fun. Reminds me of a mix between this one point and click space odyssey game I played in years past, and Mass Effect 1 (with the Mako-looking machine there).

  • crapping pants now........

  • Isn't this the intro to Homeworld, I mean it almost mirrors the story cinematic... either way the Homeworld series was amazing... the story and game play was out of this world. If you havent taken the time to play 1 and 2 you missed a gem folks.
  • Relic develops the best RTS, hands down.

  • If it weren't "free to play", I would actually buy it.  I've been burned by this pay to win scheme in RTS games before, and I'm very reluctant to try it again.