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  • Wiki Page: Awesome Air, Gangster Ground, Incredible Infantry

    Using the simple Rock, Paper, Sicorss method can be key to winning any Halo Wars Skirmage match on any difficulty level. First of all make sure you have a balanced number of Ariel, Ground, and Infantry units that way you are liable to beat any level. This guide is meant for novice Halo Wars players,...
  • Wiki Page: Anti-Warthog Rush

    If you suspect that the enemy is going to rush you, you may not know what to do. I'll try to teach you so you don't get mauled by the classic rush tactic. To begin with, its good to know the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" circle. In Halo Wars, it goes "Vehicles Beats Infantry, Infantry...
  • Wiki Page: Halo Wars- Warthog Rush

    Halo Wars Warthog Rush Tactic This is a relatively easy thing to pull off. You must be playing as the UNSC. Works best when 1vs1 is being played. As soon as you begin the game, build several resource manufacturers and 1 reactor core. As soon as you can, begin building nothing but Warthogs. Upgrade them...
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