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Halo Wars Strategy & Tactics: Multiplayer: Building A Base

Halo Wars

Halo Wars Strategy & Tactics: Multiplayer: Building A Base

For all the Halo fans out there, many of us know that Halo Wars is no ordinary Halo game. It completely transforms a gamers way of playing a first person shooter to a birds eye view, real time strategy game. Currently being the rank of a General in Halo Wars, gaining tons and tons of experience, reaching the rank of General was absolutely no easy task. So here are some helpful tips for Recruits. Depending on what players want to do first here is a quick way to build your base with resources to spend and train troops

Building A Base: Captain Cutter

You've just began your Halo Wars matchmaking game. You have 800 resources to spend, seven free building slots ( Five if Sgt. Forge or Prof. Anders ), four defense turret slots and one warthog.

Step 1. First, build four Supply Pads ( 100 each )

Building supply pads first allows players to receive resources while your warthog scouts for other resources that are lying around the map. Supply pads are essential for all players. The more a player has the better their economy. Without them, players will run out of resources, thus not be able to train troops, vehicles, or air or even build.

Step 2. Second, build a Reactor ( 250)

Building a reactor allows players to upgrade troops vehicles, air and extra stuff. ( Hint: It takes two level one reactors or one level two reactor to train vehicles and air troops). The reactor is built second because if players build it first with out rationing their resources they could go bankrupt and be unable to progress ( If players do build a reactor first, make sure that supply pads are built second ).

Step 3. Third, upgrade the four Supply Pads ( 225 each )

To upgrade supply pads, players must have at least one reactor built. Upgrading supply pads allows them to get twice as many resources. Supply pads are only upgradeable once.

Step 4. Fourth, build a second Reactor ( Optional )

Building a second reactor allows players to build a Vehicle Depot or an Air Pad, thus being able to make vehicles and air troops. Players should not build more than two reactors. Not needed. ( Hint: Building more than one reactor will double the next reactors price by double the previous amount ).

Other Option: Instead of building a second reactor a player could not upgrade their four supply pads and instead upgrade their first reactor ( 1200 ). Then they could upgrade their four supply pads.

Step 5. Fifth, build which ever troop preference

At the end of following these steps, players will have one or two slots left over depending what they chose to do on step four. If players have one slot left over I recommend they build a barracks, or a vehicle depot, or an air pad. Begin training troops to conquer more bases or build a massive army to defeat other players. If they have two slots left over then still build a barracks, or a vehicle depot, or an air pad. The last building slot is up to them. Build a field armory and begin upgrading extra army units or special powers.

( Advise: Building a base in this form does make it vulnerable/defenseless if another player attacks early. Do not panic. Build defense turrets ( 250 ) to fend off other players from an early attack. They will retreat unless they think they can still be victorious.)

In conclusion, this game depends on how players choose to ration their resources, troops, and if they want to attack first or defend first. There is no perfect strategy. No one can predict what the other player(s) will do. If any of you found this information useful or have any specific questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or at my profile. Thank You and Good Luck!!