Using the simple Rock, Paper, Sicorss method can be key to winning any Halo Wars Skirmage match on any difficulty level. First of all make sure you have a balanced number of Ariel, Ground, and Infantry units that way you are liable to beat any level. This guide is meant for novice Halo Wars players, not proffessionals that already know how to utilize all the units effectively. Some might be tempted to accumulate mass numbers of Vultures to rule the air but you shouldn't do that. R, P, S is a simple method that even the booklet inside the case tells but not effectively. Infantry beats ground, ground beats air, air beats infantry. This is where balance steps in. If you have an accumulation of fourty units then try to get at least fifteen infantry fifteen air and ten ground units. I found out that listening to this method makes for ease of beating Heroic, even Legendary opponents. If you do end up losing every match you play then make up another method that works for you. I found that building up an armada of infantry and some ground units for back-up makes for an effective, fast, and cheap win but has only been proven up to Heroic difficulties.