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Halo Reach Gun Guide, What's new and what's still there.

Halo: Reach

Halo Reach Gun Guide, What's new and what's still there.

In the newest installment of Halo ( Halo Reach) there is now a huge new array of weapons. There are several new guns, as well as new looks for old guns, and new mechanics for them as well.

The first gun you will probably pick up is the DMR( Designated Marksman Rifle) it is a semi automatic gun with a 12 round magazine. It is great for medium to long distance, it takes 3 perfect shots to kill or multiple to the body. As you shoot faster it's accuracy decreases greatly, so stick to mid to long range with this gun.

The DMR's counter part the Needle Rifle, is also semi auto, with a 12 shot magazine. It takes 5 shots to needle over charge. It's functions are very similar to the DMR otherwise, with a different 2x scope.

The next gun is a grenade launcher it has 1 shot per reload, it is pretty much a powered up M203 grenade launcher. You can shoot it unpowered and give it a bounce, or you can charge it for a direct shot, you can charge and hold it w/o any negative affects. It has 7-14 shots, but may take more than one to kill.

The next is the Plasma Launcher which is vastly similar to the grenade launcher, this however shoots semi/full and it shoots plasma grenades, lock onto targets and follow them and the plasmas will trace you're target or blind fire into a room.It has 100 energy but has roughly 15 shots.

Another gun you may not have heard of is the Beam Rifle, it is a sentinel laser but in sniper form, with 100 energy( roughly 10-12 kills), it is meant for mid to long range, but can easily be no scoped.

The guns to come back that have had some remodeling are some of our favorite guns. The sniper rifle now has a reticle that expands after each shot, meaning it will now be harder to no scope quickly, it also has it's Halo 1 looks.

The Gun that has changed the most is the Magnum, it once again has a 2x scope, it has an increased fire rate, and takes 7 shots to kill, or 5 head shots. The assault rifle has had some cosmetics done, it still has a 32 round magazine, and the reticle remains the same size, it has become more accurate as well.

The needler will now also take 12 needles to super combine on a human, and 13/14 to kill an elite, that's right elites are now stronger.

There are 5 known power ups at this time, Super Sprint which grants the spartan(only) to dash quickly out or into a firefight.

The next is the Jetpack, it allows players to hover for a significant distance. there is however a downside, falling damage is now in the game, meaning if you run out of juice you' will fall and take damage.

The next is active camo, this allows you to become invisible for a brief amount of time, which is perfect for getting out of a firefight, it does however only go fully invisible if you are not moving or are moving slowly, and as soon as you shoot it wares off.

The elite only ability is the ability to evade( to constantly roll side to side) This is currently the only power up for elite's which is their only downside.

The last and more or less the most powerful powerup for beta, Armor Lock, you immediately freeze in place, you become indestructible and if you hold it long enough when it is about to ware off it emits an EMP wave, shutting down vehicles, and disabling any enemy player shields. After exiting armor lock you have a few seconds before you can die afterwards.

I also want to add that jumping has been decreased and speed has been changed, meaning you don't jmup as high as Master Chief, and you will move slightly slower.

As of now the Beta starts May 3rd, There will be 3 game modes you can choose at this point, Grab Bag, Arena, and Free For All. On May 7th Invasion mode will be unlocked, and on May 14th Generator defense will be released. Beta as of now will end the 18th but is subject to change but will not exceed one month.

As of now there are only 2 maps Swordbase, and Powerhouse.

Swordbase has 6 floors grav lifts, and some awesome jetpack gameplay.This levels power weapons are a plasma launcher, sniper rifle, energy sword, and shotgun. Powerhouse is an outdoor map that is perfect for any objective based games(CTF). It has the new grenade launcher, a grav hammer, shotgun, and the new sniper rifle.

With invasions release a new map will be released with it, and so will generator defense.

Please comment below if you have any extra information, this post is to prepare those of you guys out there to play the Beta next week, so if it will help post it below. Another update, The official release is September, also there will be 4 maps in the beta, as well as 5 + game modes.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps!

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