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Halo Reach Armor Abilities Guide

Halo: Reach

Halo Reach Armor Abilities Guide

  • Sprint (on map color: green)

Able to move faster and jump farther. Unable to use weapons during sprint. Useful in rumning away and getting closer.

  • Armor Lock (on map color: orange)

Player is invulnerable to vehicles and weapons but is stuck in one place. Unable to use weapon during activation. At end of activation, a blast is sent out pushing away close by enemies and plasma grenades.

  • Drop Shield (on map color: light blue)

A bubble shield surrounds the player when activated. Shield becomes weaker over time.

  • Hologram (on map color: yellow)

A copy of the player is activated and runs forward from player. Used for distracting/confusing enemies.

  • Jetpack (on map color: white)

Used to fly to high/long distances. Useful for getting to high places.

  • Evade (on map color: purple)

Used to avoid fire, travel faster. Can confuse enemies.

  • Active Camouflage (on map color: cyan)

Turn invisible while standing still. Invisibility fades as you move or fire weapons. Radar Jammer confuses enemies but gives away your general postion.