All Halo fans that have not yet bought this killer game, get away from your computer and go buy it!  Halo Reach is without a doubt one of the best games I have ever played.  The Campaign is killer, Firefight is ADDICTING, and Forge has never been better.  I'm not gonna say a ton, bit every thing about this game is amazing.  Now, your'e probably wondering why I didn't give this a flat out 10? Here's why: At times in the campaign, I felt like a few of the objectives were chores, and I didn't enjoy riding the blasted Warthog across every aspect of Reach.  Every else about the campaign was great.  That's part of why it wasn't a perfect 10.  Since I am really not that good at Halo, I felt, at some times, that the Campaign was a smidgen too difficult.  Now, I am a Halo noob, so don't trust what I just said.  I hope my review was helpful, and now that you've read it, go play it!!