-Yep this is the last goodbye to Halo from Bungie

I came into Halo Reach fresh off of starting out with the Xbox 360 recently and experiencing  the past titles in the franchise, which were all good in their own merit.  The first halo game started out with a great story and introduced an innovative new way of doing FPS on consoles.  The atmosphere and feel of the game made it an amazing experience for gamers to love.  While the other games were good, they each felt like multiplayer was the main focus instead of the story, which felt rushed in some parts of the game(especially Halo 2).  

Me just getting into PC gaming and falling in love with Half Life series and the great Valve and PC gems available, I was skeptical of how good halo reach would be. I instead was very pleased at the game that I got.   

Halo Reach is one of the best Halo and FPS game I've played.  The story of the game feels more focused and refined in comparison to the past Halo games.  Apart of what I loved was the atmosphere in the game and the huge feel of what was going to happen.  We all know Reach falls, but the way the game's story and campeign is crafted delivers a great shooter experience.  

I was dissapointed however by the lack of depth in some of the characters and how it started with you meeting the stereotypical  team.  You've got your menacing silent guy who sits in the corner stroking his huge shotgun, that makes you not want to sleep.  You got a big giant guy who's really just sensitive and nice but still will beat the living be-jesus out of  you if you insult him, i.e a hairless Wookie.  The strong leader that just wants to keep his team together even though you just know hes going to die in the most noble way possible.  Wait.  I just realized something. Noble team.  I get it.  Its because they are basically in a competition to die in the most noble way possible before the game ends.    

-Noble Team 

The new armor abilities system adds a new level of depth to both the story and multiplayer game play.  I was interested in the spaceship levels and how good they were.  But I was dissapointed in how it wasn't used again or incorporated into multiplayer.  The new game modes, refined firefight system, and credit system are a great addition to the game and its growing multiplayer system.  These new additions were nice, especially the armory and the huge amount of armor and content to buy with ranking up from matches.  I've all ways loved the halo multiplayer.  I like how it focuses on teamwork as opposed to kill streaks and k/d stats.  It's one of the best multiplayer games I've played, next to Tf2 and Counter Strike.


-The multiplayer system has been refined to new depth for the series. 

  The game's campeign and story might not be as good as other games like Half Life 2, in terms of complexity, characters, game play, and atmosphere, but Halo Reach is still a great game for the Halo Franchise and improves the series in new better ways.  It was a great last gift to us from Bungie, before they left the series.  Hopefully 343 will take the next Halo games will continue to follow the pattern of delivering great new stories and experiences for gamers to enjoy.

-Hopefully Halo 4 can bring the series to a new level of depth.