I've never really seen how people loved Halo so much. The multiplayer action is slow as it takes some time for you to kill enemies. This Halo made me a believer. The excellent campaign is action packed with great shootouts and explosive moments but don't expect your squad to help you out much. The characters don't really get to develop into a likeable state before they are killed off so it really doesn't matter. The narrative isn't much, but it helps move you from one action set to the next. The space sequence is especially cool and it also adds a new element to the action. The multiplayer is great too. There are a ridiculous amount of game modes and choices to choose from. The daily challenges also ensure that you will be coming back everyday for a while. On the other hand the only progression system is making your spartan look cooler, this stands in stark contrast to games like battlefield and cod where the thought of getting that new gun, perk, or equipment helps you drive forward. Firefight online is usually a buggy and lag filled mess, but if you get some friends together and mess with the rules a bit you can have a good time. Halo is not for everybody, its slower combat than games like cod turn some people off from this game. All in all Reach delivers a satisfying experience for both series veterans and newcomers alike