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Halo: Master Chief Collection

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things With A Round Of Halo 2 Multiplayer

In the best and most complimentary way, Halo: Master Chief Collection's Halo 2 multiplayer feels identical to the game I’ve already played.

It’s hard to discover any intricacies or small changes made the game with only one round of team deathmatch on Lockout with the Master Chief Collection, but as near as I can tell, the game is unchanged except for its visuals.

After starting up the game, I jumped into the menus to change my controls a bit. I am one of those weirdos who plays inverted, and a representative from Microsoft even scoffed jokingly at my request to change. To make things more complicated though, I also play with the boxer layout, where your melee and grenade buttons are switched. Thankfully, both options were changeable, and the button layout is even still called boxer, which means other weirdos like me shouldn’t have a problem changing their controls to the way they remember playing.

Muscle memory kicked in quickly even with the Xbox One controller. I immediately remembered every nook and cranny of Lockout, weapon locations, etc., and they were unchanged. I wasn’t the only one who remembered either, as the plasma sword was snapped up immediately.

I found my weapon of choice, the battle rifle, and quickly tried to find a vantage point while avoiding the middle area. My memory may have returned, but any skills I may have formerly had did not as I only obtained a staggering five kills over the course of the game. Part of the distraction though was me trying out duel-wielding combinations – a mechanic of Halo 2 that was dropped for subsequent releases. I kept getting killed as I tried to set up a plasma rifle and SMG combo.

Lockout’s visuals were the only thing that seemed truly different. It was always a snowy location, but now there are patches of snow visible on the ground here and there. There was also a strange creature in a glowing green tube in one of the rooms, which I don't recall. I was killed as I looked at it trying to ascertain what it was. For more images of Lockout, which was showcased this morning, head here.

At the end of the match, my team won even with my paltry five kills. I wrote recently how I was sad that I would never again get to play Halo 2 as the servers had been shut down in 2011, but after playing a single match at Halo 2 I am confident that my previous disappointment is now, thankfully, unfounded. I can’t wait to dive back in and revisit all those Halo 2 multiplayer maps I know so well getting kills (but probably mostly getting killed) along the way.

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  • BOXER?! WHO the hell plays that?! (Actually I think I got that from you Kyle lol cause I've played like that for ever now.
  • Its not just the multiplayer that gets me excited, it's getting to play the Chief's entire story as well (there's also Halo Nightfall and the Halo 5 Beta too, of course).
  • It was a sad day when the servers went down. I can wait to get back to play some actual good halo multiplayer.
  • Im still pondering if I should get this being as I own every other Halo game put out.
  • 343 Industries is doing an amazing thing with this Collection. I can't wait to dive back into this amazing story.
  • This is the game I missed. Cant wait to play this, I only wish I could play it with Theora Craft aka Crafty

  • They did change something! They added a grenade indicator which is bullsh..

    They should not have put that.

  • The more I hear about this collection, the more I get excited! Can't wait to get this with the XB1!

  • Meh, Halo 2's multiplayer wasn't really my thing. Bullet-hose, grande, bullet-hose, grenade, bullet-hose, bullet-hose, bullet-hose. Small maps that had one or two spots just terribly designed, like that long walkway leading nowhere on Ascension. Random spawns putting you all over the map instead of with your team, really emphasizing the power-weapon camping. Hell, just trying to find a precision weapon was a pain in the ass because only a few would spawn on each side of the map and whoever got them, got them. Halo 3 was much better in all these regards. The typical map size was bigger with more vehicle emphasis. There were more precision weapons so games were decided with better aim instead of random ambushes. Superweapon camping was also less important since the size of the maps, vehicle emphasis and precision weapons took a lot of advantage away from someone with a rocket launcher. Even Halo 1 was better in all those regards. I really hope they decide to remaster Halo 3 one day.
  • Hopefully, the white Weapon Markers can be toggled off in Options:

  • I have always played inverted. When you look up in the real world your head tilts back, when you look down int tilts forward. Just like inverted controls.

  • While I'm definitely going to miss the jetpack, nothing compares to Halo 2.