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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Halo Anniversary Video Shows Instant Graphical Hot-Swapping

The developer behind the original Halo’s makeover, 343 Industries, has released a video showing off the game’s ability to switch between decade old graphics and the shiny new visuals with the push of a button.

As explained in the demo, the hot-swapping is possible because two game codes are running simultaneously, the new stuff and the old stuff. The developer wanted this HD remake of the game to remind players of what it was like to play Halo for the first time, so the enemy AI is unchanged and the game controls exactly the same.

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  • It actually looks really nice.
  • Nice, i loved when monkey Island did this too

  • "The enemy AI is unchanged" That is so idiotic. Why would anyone want to play with 10 year old AI? This could just me over-thinking it. As for the swapping feature, why would anyone want to have that option. Maybe it's just me, but I find that option completely useless. I suppose fans of the series may get a kick for the nostalgia.
  • this is awesome

  • Pretty awesome transition.

  • Awesome sauce.

  • I think I just went from 6 to 12...
  • I'm most excited for 4 player online co-op. I Rented Halo CE as my first Xbox game and was left satisfied but not blown away like everyone else. I think playing with friends could help me appreciate it more.
  • Does anyone else think back on games and notice that the graphics you remember are ten times better than they actually look? That being said, this is mighty impressive. i love the option to switch graphics back and forth. Honestly, if i had the cash I'd get a 360 just for this!
  • Now, THIS is an HD remake. More developers should be releasing substantially upgraded versions of classic game rather than just rehashing their old titles to make a quick buck. Sure it probably costs more to do HD remakes this way, but it's a hell of a lot more respectable.
  • I had a dream that i saved the galaxy from the flood....while holding a ps3 controller.
  • $40? Oh, yeah. Day one, baby.

  • Oh my goodness im such a Halo fanboy! Im so stoked for this!

  • It looks good, but I wish the physics had been updated as well. No rag-doll physics is a negative imo. Still, I like that they are keeping the original feel as intact as possible.
  • I am possibly more excited for this than any other game.  Halo CE in co-op mode.  Win.

  • This makes me miss my 360...

  • Pretty cool, I'm not a huge Halo fan, but I think it's a solid enough game series.

  • maybe a new feel to it optional how the control was or/now

  • As long as they fixed the checkpoint system. I can't wait for this game and WILL be picking it up on day one. Also, Does anyone else think that they'll most likely do the same thing they did with ODST and Reach and do a Halo 4 beta?

    I'm excited

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