There are a lot of questions about Halo 4. I get asked "Is it unbalanced?" or "Can you have any weapon as your primary?" I'll help answer any questions you'll ask me. If you haven't gotten the game yet, or you do have it, you're bound to have questions.

The first one: No. It is very balanced, Every gun you start with is the same as everyone else. Unlike MW3 or any games of the like the higher level players don't have the advantage, there's no Rocket Launcher versus AR fights when you first spawn, which is a possibility in MW3. In those games someone can have the highest level gun, and the new player gets the crap gun. Who gets their butt kicked? You know the higher level dude. Well in Halo 4 you won't see any of that. You all start with custom classes that have the same guns you unlock very fast. At Level 4 I already had 4 weapons. There are power weapons on the map in the form of ordinance drops that you can spice up the game with to play it with a fair advantage. It is survival of the fittest, whoever gets to the power weapons first is going to have the advantage. You are also allowed to call ordinance drops yourself.

The second one: No. You have the AR, BR, DMR, Carbine, Suppressor, Lightrifle, or Storm Rifle. All the other weapons are picked up around the map.