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Halo 4

Halo 4's Mantis Mech Can Teabag, Too

Microsoft revealed the map Valhalla returns as Ragnarok in Halo 4. There's also a new vehicle, the Mantis. It can stomp on things. Check out the official reveal trailer below.

Halo 4 is out November 6.

  • seems op to me and nobody wants a remake of valhalla
  • Valhalla Yes
  • i really don't think we needed a Valhalla remake. cool mech though.
  • Actually I played on Halo 3 last night and this map was one i played on with Brs...
  • I think the mech just looks out of place in a halo game.
  • cant wait to have this map back(spent lots of private matchs on it)

  • more Halo 4 news? Ill take it...oh and be your Mech wingman anytime!

  • That is a really fresh looking vehicle. Can't wait to try it.
  • Valhalla was the best map in Halo 3. Nice to see it return.

  • the mantis looks totally fun to use!!!!!!! cant wait to stomp stomp stomp
  • I'm lovin that mech, kinda reminds me of a Gekko from MGS 4
  • lmao I can see myself geting a multi kill and then doing the teabag angering the other team
  • Somebody help, I can't lift my jaw from the floor.
  • That thing looks awesome, and really overpowered. It was decimating the rest of the vehicles almost instantly. It even blew away a Scorpion like it was nothing. I hope it's not that op in the actual game.
  • Bringing back some Battlefield 2142 memories Bad memories...
  • The inclusion of mechs just made Halo 4 100 times more awesome.

  • I would have much preferred a Sandtrap remake instead.
  • (In Snake's voice) "Metal Gear?!"
  • Im getting too excited now. Its only a month away.

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