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Halo 4

Halo 4 Screenshots

As we approach E3 later this June the news and info for Halo 4 is starting to ramp up. Check out these screenshots from our exclusive cover story.

Due out November 6, Halo 4 is the first major game being worked on by Microsoft's new internal studio 343 Industries. Game Informer brought you the first details about the game in our May issue and online throughout this month. When you're done checking out the screenshots below, head over to our Halo 4 hub page to see all the latest stories.

Be sure to check back on Monday for a look at some Halo 4 concept art!

  • Halo 4 looks awesome!

  • The new helmet HUD makes me think I'm playing Metroid Prime.

  • it looks like there is custom attachments on weopons. or just the br/dr whatever one it is.  maybe be able to change between the two.  they say there will be loadouts.

  • Looking absolutely amazing, O'conner still knows his stuff. Let's just hope the 360 can handle those graphics with a not too-noticeable drop in frame rate. Such a shame I'll miss release due to basic training...
  • Looks freakin awesome

  • totally ***.... i think everyone agrees

  • Great graphic,  i loving it

  • i wasn't expecting it hope to have a good 343 halo game!!
  • Screens look good, I'd like to see some gameplay vids as well.  *Hint hint nudge nudge*

  • I am pumped for halo 4 the detail looks great, the story sounds dark and intriguing and I remain loyal to the first gaming franchise I got into.

    Hope it turns out good 343.  

  • That's purty, but like others I got to see some vids.

  • Pretty sick cant wait till it comes out!

  • I can't wait for e3!

  • I can't wait for e3!

  • These are some beautiful pictures. Can't wait.

  • These are some beautiful pictures. Can't wait.

  • These are actual screens? IDK I want vid-a-o

  • so cool!!

  • amazing I'm in love with this game, I can't wait till it comes out.