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Halo 4

Halo 4 Screenshots

As we approach E3 later this June the news and info for Halo 4 is starting to ramp up. Check out these screenshots from our exclusive cover story.

Due out November 6, Halo 4 is the first major game being worked on by Microsoft's new internal studio 343 Industries. Game Informer brought you the first details about the game in our May issue and online throughout this month. When you're done checking out the screenshots below, head over to our Halo 4 hub page to see all the latest stories.

Be sure to check back on Monday for a look at some Halo 4 concept art!

  • Even though this is running on the same engine as Halo Reach, this looks like a total upgrade in my eyes.
  • At first I was worried that Bungie let go of the reins for Halo, but I have to say I really like what I see. All I need now is an idea what Chief is doing in 4 and a time machine so I can jump forward 7 months so I can buy the game immediately.
  • Looks Really Good!!  Can't Wait!!

  • can some one tell me why he is fighting elites? i thought the war was over between them in 3
  • Halo looks like it made love to Crysis a little

  • Man, wish this was coming to the new system , Xbox 360 has reached it's limit the console has been out for 7 years in November.... KILL the damn thing already.. Kinect is allowing them to hold on barely ... and it sucks so bad. Give us the Durango or whatever there going to call the dumb thing....
  • I really like the pastel red and blue, makes me never want to go back color-wise. I thought Bungie went in a great direction graphically for Reach, but then I was even more impressed with the candy style of Halo Anniversary (and the soundscape too, to be honest). Ultimately, I think we can agree that 343 has a great team of artists who know how to make Halo look fresh, regardless of how the rest of the game plays out.

  • cant wait, 343 guilty is doing a better job than bungie when it comes to grafix and probably gameply...bungie engin was old, the gameplay was becoming stale.
  • Looks amazing!

  • looks like Halo alright

  • Ok I take back whatever I said in the last HALO4 post about Cortana looking like a bag of plums :) it looks like they're gonna keep her look from halo 3 where she was absolutely awesomely designed

  • Mod

    Cant be that exclusive as i saw a article on famitsu that was just as good as you guys :D but than again its famitsu.

  • This game is looking quite good.

  • Drooling all over my keyboard!must have,cant wait!

  • Damn it GI, I can't wait for the game and then you post more about the game! November 6 can't get here fast enough :(

  • Boy. Them sum purdy screen shootin's!

  • Cool beans.

  • I love Halo, but I don't know if adding ADS to all weapons is a good move.
  • Great looking screens. Looks absolutely fantastic!