Well as you all know these achievements are quite hard to obtaine, And there are probably 500 other guides on how to do it. But as we all know every way is different.

Vidmaster: Classic: First things first! Do what the achievement says no killing or using pistol or nades, A bit of advise is do this on uplift reserve. What you do is head all the way to the left of the math next to the rocks twords the way out of the first part. Hi-jack the ghost that flys by and take it go around the rock in the center and go around to the right and get the health just incase. Once you pick it up make you way past the wraith making sure you dont hit it. ride your way though the level make sure not to hit a grunt. Once you get to the part with the turrets on the rock fly straight up past the ghost and up the rock and into the building to take a break. Make your way past all the wraits and make the jump at the end.

Vidmaster: De Ja Vu: Like everyone says this achievement is the same every time. Get 2 people in the mongooses at the beginning of the level when you go under you will be gifted with the rides and 4 rocket launchers that contain 994 rockets. Stay back under the bunkers and shoot out everything in the way. The traveler will take some damage but remember once you get in the checkpoints fight off everything. The 2nd or 3rd one has drones everywhere so stay back and take them out with the smg. Once you finish you will be granted with a 25 points.

Vidmaster: Endure: Like EVERYONE says it is the hardest achievement to get. What you need is alot of time and partners with really good connections or you will lag out. Have one guy take the Spartan lazer at the beginning and take out the wraits that come around. Everyone will stay on the roof for until set 2 and a half and then have 2 guys get the choppers around when you hit set 2. Have them take out the brutes. Have the one guy with the lazer get it every weapon drop. Have your 4th guy stay on the roof along with the splazer and ake out the drones when they come along. When the hunters spawn throw stickies on them it only takes 2 <3. Repeat the process until you hit set 5! Take time when it comes to the Bonus rounds. Have nades....LOTS OF THEM! You will die so fast with them but thankfully it doesn't matter. Get the remeaning kills and get the right amount of points and you will get 4 new lives. Just have fun and dont get to serious. If your having trouble finding people go on to the bungie website into the forums and post under the Classafied section. Make sure not to do it in the regular forums or you will be banned. Take your time and make sure you save your lives. If you need any help or need questions just message me or add me on xbox live. Good luck and you will sure be well on your way to the road to Recon.