Need to haz recon? This guide is absolutely for you!

In this particular guide, we will be talking about getting one of the three vidmaster achievements in the ODST disc: Called "Deja Vu".


This achievement requires you to do the COASTAL HIGHWAY level, on LEGENDARY difficulty, with the IRON SKULL activated, and it has to be on 4-PLAYER LIVE CO-OP. And not only that, but you are NOT allowed to use the WARTHOG or the SCORPION. Basically, think of Halo 3's Vidmaster: Annual achievement but with a cool twist. Instead of four ghosts, and speeding through the level, you'll get MONGOOSES, and alongside them, are some ROCKET LAUNCHERS, each with 998 ROCKETS! It's actually pretty fun to get...oh yeah, and did I mention 998 ROCKETS!!!11!1!11!!one1!1!!!1


If you wanna get through this level quickly and without frustration, you will have to assemble a good 4-player team. Make sure that they list the following requirements: 1.) They don't suck at Halo. 2.) That they are reliable teammates and they cooperate together. 3.) That they've already played the level some time before, so they know what to expect. And 4.) That they have a good connection. Believe me, me and my team almost got it, but the game lagged out, and we lost our connection with the server and were all booted out of the game. So it's important that none of your teammates have a piece of crap connection.


At the beginning, you will end up on the streets of Mombasa, during the day, with Buck, Dare, and your three teammates. When you start trekking through, you will encounter a post with enemies. Before taking them out, BE PREPARED. Have one person head up the stairs in the building close-by. Up there will be a sniper rifle. Make sure that the person you send up is good at handling a sniper, and make sure that he stays up there until all the enemies are dead. The other three will just take out the enemies as they normally would. But, if a good thing to do is to take the two rocket launchers on the weapon case right outside of the building, to take them out easier. These rockets, unlike the ones you get later, only have 6 rockets, so use them wisely and please don't betray your teammates.


At the next part, a Warthog will be waiting on the side for you to drive on, but whatever you do...DO NOT GET ON THE WARTHOG AT ALL! Even if it is just for one second, and just for laughs, you will not get the achievement and start all over. The same rule applies to when you reach the room with the Scorpion. Now that that's been taken care of, keep running down the highway until you spot a tunnel, enter the tunnel and you're in for the main attraction...

STEP 4: OMG 998 ROCKETS!1!!11!1!!!1!!!1one!11eleventy1!111!1!

Down in the tunnel is everyone's favorite part: Mongooses and four 998-round rocket launchers. Basically, get your 2 best drivers to drive the mongooses and your 2 best shooty-mcshoot-shoot guys to hop on the passenger's seat and blow the Covenant to hell and back. Make sure that ALL of your teammates have a rocket launcher, for you will all need them for the last part. You MUST be careful with the rocket launchers, though. One misstep, and your rocket could friendly fire your teammates, and with the Iron skull on, you're gonna have to go back to the checkpoint. So instead of taking the enemies head on, keep your distance, and make sure that you are aware of your teammates locations and where they are heading.


The highway is divided into sections. After each section, there will be a room in which all the doors will close for you to take a break in, where you can get medkits, ammo, and a secondary weapon to go alongside. However, DO NOT get rid of your rocket launchers. And make sure that you get medkits. Each section of the highway gets increasingly tougher. So here are a few tips. 1.) If you see a Wraith, then that is your primary target, for they are a real pain (As always). 2.) Make sure you blow up all of the sniper towers also. 3.) Do not go near the enemies. You could accidentally blow up your mongoose, by firing a rocket that is VERY close to your mongoose. So keep your distance, that way, it's easy to not an-hero yourself, and also easier to evade when your stamina is running low. And 4.) In a certain rest-stop, a Scorpion will be available but whatever you do DO NOT GET ON THE !@#$ING SCORPION! Otherwise, you will not get your precious achievement. Every now and then, when the doors to the next rest stop open, a swarm of drones (Uggghh...) will be waiting. If a lot of them are grouped up together, aim your rockets at the center of the swarm, and if you are fighting individual ones, use a secondary weapon (Preferably something with auto rounds and ALOT of ammo, like an SMG or an Assault Rifle).


Soon, you will finally reach the end of the highway, and you will have to escort the Engineer to a building where you can wait for the rest of your troops to come with the rescue Phantom. However, a big wave of enemies are going to come, and try to kill you before any rescue arrives, and in Legendary mode, things can get quite ugly. If only you had a rocket launcher with lots of left-over ammo from the highway...oh WAIT! (Terrible) Joking aside, make sure you get some ammo for secondary weapons in the building, DO NOT GET RID OF THE ROCKET LAUNCHERS, and then run up the stairs so you can get a high vantage point on the upcoming waves. Once they come, blow the ever-living alien crap out of them with your rocket launchers, and if they ever come up close to you, use your secondary weapon (preferably a shotgun), and grenades. Once all of the waves are complete, the Phantom will come.


AND I'M WORKIIIING, LIKE A DOOOG--oops, sorry. Well, after plenty of rocket launch-ing, it's time to get to the phantom, and watch the final cutscene. And soon after that, you will hear that BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL blooping noise, and you are another step closer to has-ing your recons.

Well that's all for today, I would post a guide on ENDURE but someone else already made one, and it'll probably better than anything I'd ever make since I fail at getting that achievement (Sad face). So yeah, this has been Enigma, and thanks for reading. Good luck has-ing your recons!