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The Road to Recon: Vidmaster Endure Achievment Guide

Halo 3: ODST

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The Road to Recon: Vidmaster Endure Achievment Guide

Probably the hardest vidmaster out of all, you must survive and beat 4 sets of Heroic Mode Firefight on Xbox Live with 4 friends. Easy right, WRONG!!!! On the 4th set all Skulls (except for Iron) become active, that's just a joy with brute chiefs. Here are my tips to help you get this Vidmaster and be one step closer to Recon Armor.

General Tips:


1. Have around 3 hours of your time, this  achievement can take as long as an hour and a half to 3 hours.

2. Get good players or play with friends who you are comfortable playing with and can listen to directions.

3. Get to know the map you are playing on. Play a few minutes on Easy, to get the feel of the map. Specifically, the location of weapons and enemy spawn points.

4. Play on a map you are good and comfortable with.

5. Share Weapons! If you suck with a sniper and you have a friend who is great with it, give him (or her) the gun.

6. Use common sense people, you aren't Master Chief anymore, a jackal can kill you with a well placed Carbine shot, conserve lives!!!!


My Tips: What i did to get the achievement in a little more then an hour and a half

1. Follow the tips above please!

2. Alpha Site for the win: There are absolutely no wraiths or engineers to worry about, camp around the middle of the map and shoot anything that moves. NEVER GO IN THE MIDDLE UNTIL BETWEEN WAVES!!

3. Common Sense! Common Sense! COMMON SENSE!!! PLAY SMART! WIN BIG!!!

4. Get those bonus lives every time! Those help a lot 4 lives means four more chances to win.

5. Know the enemy spawn locations during bonus rounds, that way you maximize points. You'll need a Fuel Rod, or a Rocket Launcher to get the most kills. You'll get even more lives, and points if you do it right, but remember that the Iron skull is active during bonus rounds along with all the others.

6. Watch Each others backs!

7.  Give the Brute Chiefs some room! Have two guys distract him and after invulnerability wears off, get him with your heavy weapons!

8. Plasma Pistols Save Lives!: I don't care what you say, Plasma Pistols are mandatory after set 1!

9. Don't Rush! Take your time and plan each move carefully!

10. Compare this game to Nazi Zombies mode in WaW. Play this like you do that.... just no wonderwaffles or vodka.

11. Have Fun!  Its a game, its meant to be fun, don't scream and yell if you die or fail epically, loosen up and laugh while you play. T bag a few Brutes if you feel angry :)

I hope these tips help a little, these sure did for me! Thanks for reading! :)