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  • Wiki Page: The Road to Recon: Vidmaster Endure Achievment Guide

    Probably the hardest vidmaster out of all, you must survive and beat 4 sets of Heroic Mode Firefight on Xbox Live with 4 friends. Easy right, WRONG!!!! On the 4th set all Skulls (except for Iron) become active, that's just a joy with brute chiefs. Here are my tips to help you get this Vidmaster and...
  • Wiki Page: Vidmaster: Endure

    So, yes, there are a number of these guides already in existence, but they don't seem to go into a lot of they're just not how my friends and I did it. This is the method (somewhat taken from internet tips and somewhat on the fly) that got my friends and I into set 5 with about...
  • Wiki Page: VIDMASTER'S CHALLENGE: Classic

    Need to haz recon? This guide is absolutely for you! In this particular guide, we will be talking about getting one of the three vidmaster achievements in the ODST disc: Called "Classic". WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: This achievement requires you to complete an ENTIRE level on LEGENDARY mode, WITHOUT...
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