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  • Wiki Page: Reach Firefight Guide: Crater

    The key to getting far on the crater map is to get the covenant as they spawn. If playing with multiple people, have one person man the turret overlooking the plaza, and the remaining players equip themselves with the rocket launcher and/or sniper rifle. Have the turret man concentrate his fire on the...
  • Wiki Page: My clothes! achievement

    Here's an easy way to get the "My Clothes" achievement, which requires that you quickly kill a Covenant enemy after using a supercharged plasma burst from your pistol about ten times. Basically, I recommend that you equip a weapon alongside this pistol that is extremely powerful close-range...
  • Wiki Page: How to stay alive in firefight: Single Player (and be like marty achievement)

    Sick of waiting for friends to get on to play Firefight on ODST? Well wait no more because here you can learn how you can play alone and still get far with these quick tips. (this is mainly for beginners, but it helps anyone) WEAPONS... - Don't switch out weapons until the first couple of waves are...
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