Just A Quick Fundamental Part 2

To be able to beat the biggest threats, with ease, and w/o any rockies or rodies

(Cont. from previous fundamental.



Buggers(Drones): Now these guys( or should i say insects ) like to move about, so using an smg should take care of these in just a few seconds with ease.



Hunters: Hunters are pretty much invincible in the front (unless you have rocky or other power weapon). If you move to the right of the hunter (your LEFT side), while closing the distance,  you'll be pretty safe from any melee strikes the hunter lunges. Since the fact that his shield is on the left side and so his right side is always bare. From there, you can get behind with ease and a simple throw of a plasma or a few well placed shots (depending on weapon used) should deal with the threat. Though multiple attempts of getting behind may be neccesary.



 Hammer Toting Brute Chieftains: These guys are some of  "wannabe" juggernauts, but you can handle with no sweat whatsoever. You just have to move to the left a lot when there rushing as well as shooting them with headshots or throwing grenades. Though there's an 2 EASIER Ways, just as getting behind him when he lunges for a one hit ko, or if your playing on...

Crater, you can simply rush back into the safe "base" (in which you respawn at, by the weapon cache) and simply shoot the CHIEFTain with about 4 headshots (maybe 3) to instantly kill it without it moving towards you, or using it's Invincible shield power. 

Nice hey,now you can show your friends.


Rody Chieftains: These Cheiftains are a bit hard, and though they may not fall for the Crater 4 hit kill (most of the time), getting behind them is key, move to the LEFT of it as fast as possible closing the distance, so once it lunges at you it'll hit in a semi cirular motion towards your RIGHT, always having a weak side left totally vulnerable. From there just rush in and hit it, 1 hit K>O



Engineers: There quite the easiest, just simply take a dead Buggers, or Grunts plasma pistol and use an overcharged shot (hold on to the trigger) to shoot it in the air (usually the plasma shot homes on to it, when in proximity, so your shot dosen't have to be perfect) and watch the alien fly up in the air and explode, while pieces fall causing collateral kills.


Hopes that help you gamers out, and allows for funner, and more SPARTEN filled play.

~A quick Fundamental part 2.


ohboy.jpg image by Delta_62