Fundamentals Part 1

  Now to many people who play Halo 3's Odst firefight mode, many people just forget the quick fundamentals on dealing with the covenant with little resistance at all.
I've decided to write a quick guide, on kicking Grunt booty, to help you out as well as boost your score.          


Grunts: Now Grunts are pretty simple, just a quick 'headshot' with the pistol or carbine should halt them in there tracks. NEEXXT!!

 Jackals: Now jackals are easy as well to kill as long as you know the two weakness. Firstly the shielded grunts are the easiest to kill, (yes, the easiest), it may be harder for the newbies but if you've played the original Halo already you just simply shoot at the Jackals left side (your RIGHT), there's a big semi circular hole there. When you shoot at that point, they'll recoil, throwing there shield further to your left which leaves half of there body wide open for a simple shot in the head or a quick 2 hit.

The second weakness is the purple light above the snipers, which is easily seen when playing on darker levels, and allows you to easily aim slightly above the light for an quick 1 hit kill. NeXTT!!

Brutes:  Now it's quite simple and easy to kill a brute with a plasma shot, and then a 1 shot into the head. But there's also another way that's easy, if you pick up a Plasma Rifle, you can easily destroy there shields as well as killing them in a continuing volley of shots without any reloads. As well as the fact that you can rush towards a Brute shooting it, then when it lunges (after it's shields break) side step to the back and hit it in the back for a one hit k.o, as well as a nice piece to put in your halo films.

That's part 1, just some quick fundamentals.