Sick of waiting for friends to get on to play Firefight on ODST? Well wait no more because here you can learn how you can play alone and still get far with these quick tips.

(this is mainly for beginners, but it helps anyone)


- Don't switch out weapons until the first couple of waves are over. Silenced smg and pistol are key to taking out grunts, jackals, and the first round of brutes without wasting your good guns on them

- When there are 3 or more brutes and a ton of jackals, don't hesitate to switch out a weapon for the plasma pistol, many people underestimate it. But, one shot with the plasma pistol destroys a jackals shield or a brutes armor for an easy takeout.

- A good weapon to go with the plasma pistol is the covenant carbine.


- For the brutes with gravity hammers what you will want to do is take them out then take their gravity hammer to kill all of the rest of them.

-The best strategy to killing hunters is to get as close to them as possible so they don't use their lasers. Let them try to melee you, but dodge it and run around behind them and shoot. Repeat and they should be dead in seconds.


-when there are clusters of enemies so that you can throw on in the middle of them to easily kill multiple enemies at once.

-Save plasma grenades for brutes and hunters. A plasma to the back of a hunter is an instant kill.


-Use health packs as LEAST as possible, you will regret it when you are about to die.

-Try not to be temped to use sniper rifles, they can slow you down and they waste time.


- Stay as far back as possible so that covenant don't spawn behind you and so that you can easily re-heal if needed and be close to a re-supply of guns.

-Use light weapons on grunts and jackals, don't waste the big guns on the little noobs.


BE LIKE MARTY ACHIEVEMENT: Singleplayer way to do it

(what you will need: 2 xbox 360 controller)

The easiest way to do the be like marty achievement is to create another account on your xbox aside from your main one (if you haven't already) and start a 2 player firefight match, using both controllers and both accounts. Leave your main account at the start of the game and don't touch it, use the other account to finish a round by yourself, (using the tips I gave) allowing your main account not to fight at all...getting the achievement.