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How to get Vidmaster Challenge ENDURE easy(er).

Halo 3: ODST

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How to get Vidmaster Challenge ENDURE easy(er).

Ok the best way to get Recon and get the endure achievment is to follow these tips.

-First make sure to choose the map ALPHA SITE becasue there are no enginers,no Phantoms (at least they cant reach you),and plus no enemy vehicles whatsoever.

-Then stay on the staircases(near the back)or around that area.

-Your gunna want at least one sniper and one or two rockets cause some hunters and Brutes with grav' hammers dont go down so easily.Plus in the later Sets skulls activate and they are some pretty tuff skulls so.. behind the staircases there is a wall to hide behind so USE THE WALL!!!And dont use the health kits when you just lost a bit of life.Especially in the late rounds,your going to want to wait till your on red health and are about to die because if you use it to early your gunna regret it.And you never go to the enemy(unless there is like 1 or 2 left)let them come to you.I cant stress this enough beware the brutes with grav hammers.Not only are they tough to bring down but they go to you so you cant hide and in the latter sets when the black eye skull turns on,one or two hits your dead and remember you have limited lives(7 you share with your teammates) and i know your gunna want to get health and beat people up when the black eye skull is on but dont!Try to stay alive as long as you can without health kits.EMERGENCYS ONLY!!! Plus make sure you have friends that are loyal and wont quit on you during the match because it takes a long time!For me it took about 3hrs give or take.

-So good luck hopefully this guide helped and see you in the war.<ODST OUT.>

P.S.-if you have any questions,comments,or better tips please comment below and if you want to play some ODST just go to my profile and invite me.