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Caution: Hammer Guy!

Halo 3: ODST

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Caution: Hammer Guy!

This guide shows some easy tips (focused on the map Crater) and easy takedown monuvers that could mean sucess and fun. It may sound wimpy but a tactical retreat towards your own privet room in Crater could prove sucessful in any difficulty. The handgun is an easy headshot getter so use that primarily during the first two waves. When you get some grunts up on your balcony then you should still bust out the magnum and pop a few caps. SAVE YOUR SMG AMMO! It will be a necessity later on in the Firefight. Remember to retreat back into your privet quarters during time of overrunning. This will get you to the final wave without any lives being lost (and if you're good no healthloss) and you will have a tactical advantage over the Brute Chieftan weilding the Grav-Hamm. What you need to do when this feared (especially in Legendary) advisary comes rushing you is this (two player): one player unload an SMG on him until he activates his invincibility power. When he does activate this the other player creates a diversion, or both for that manner, and run away from him. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE KILLED ALL OTHER ENEMIES BEFOR PREFORMING THESE ACTIONS!!! When his invincibility wears out, which it will, the othe player unloads his SMG on the opponent allowing the original shooter for quick access to his now armorless back which will kill him in one press of the B button. Two Chieftens? One player goes for the Sniper Rifle prior to this wave and aim for the head only which, at a distance, could drop him easily allowing for more tactical time for the other one. This is a game proven method on all difficulty settings and could prove useful in other maps as well.