For the many thousands and millions of people out there who already completed the original Halo3 (as well as odst), there may feel like there's no need or lackluster for even having the campaign of lone Spartans rise to covenant destruction.

Well think again...

So if you want a new challenge, and to truly feel like a spartan in a losing war, where you really do have to use your environment, and human fodder to dampen the covenants path, then simply follow the settings about to be mentioned, and you'll be on your way as a battle hardened Spartan.

First begin the game with the Legendary Setting on (for the maximum benifit of having a challenge)

Secondly, put on the Skull "Mythic (which doubles the health of all enemies)" and you'll be on your way to fighting uber brutes as well as super Grunts in your path to save the galaxy. And if your ready for even more difficulty, add the "Catch" skull or go all out in "No Hud", so you truly have to remember your environment and weapons.

 Hope you enjoy

and go out to destroy the Covenant Armada!!