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ODST Live Action Trailer

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  • ODST Live Action Trailer  It's a link because I couldn't gifure out how to make Insert Media to work :)

    Two questions popped into my head while watching this trailer.

    #1) Why isn't there a movie based on the Halo franchise yet?
    #2) How can a fanatic fan get a hold of a costume of that caliber?

    Honestly, why isn't there a Halo movie yet?  Over the last year or so I've read rumors hinting as to why their isn't a Halo movie.  But I don't understand the big picture.  They way I see it, movies cost a lot of money.  Microsoft has a lot of money.  And a Halo movie would earn them even more money.  I don't care who's responsibility it is, please remove your head from your back end and make us fans a Halo movie!


    Now about those costumes.  If I was a Hilton I'd have top people on the phones 24/7 until I got a hold of one of those ODST outfits.  As I don't have large reserves of cash stuffed away in trust funds, any one got any leads on who makes sci-fi costumes for average Joe's to purchase?

  • If you saw District 9, then you saw the Halo movie.  When the project fell apart, Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp used the production they'd already done on the Halo project as a starter foundation for District 9.  There are still whispers in the wind about a Halo movie, and this short is a good example of how it could and should be done.

  • I saw District 9 and I completely agree.  The entire movie was in the style of the halo shorts from a few years ago.  But as fanboy, I don't want to let D9 be the end of any Halo movie possibility.

  • Last I heard, Steven Spielberg is trying to grab the Halo movie since Jackson dropped it. Best part of District 9 was the lightning gun...

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  • check the halo website at halo.moviechronicles.com to find out of the movie.

    But it's hard to tell when it's coming to theaters but who knows it's still not letting us know when the offical movie has come.

    So I'm still thinking that it made be next year or 2012 year but I can not wait to see it..

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