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halo 3: odst Firefight

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  • i am a hug fan of the halo franchise played the game from halo 1 all the way to this one. and i was very disappointed with the campaign. it was short and very boring for me. although i had alot of fun co-oping it i found that single player campaign was dull and to much of shoot hide find health pack then repeat. i in no way felt connected to the story or character(s) of the game. but as i found with firefight it can be fun. if there was more firefight like parts in the story i would have had so much more fun. me and my buddies play firefight for hours with out getting bored. i think halo needed something like this to match with call of duty's " Zombie mode" or gears of war's "horde". even tho. i feel like im playing "horde" from gears just on halo, i had a good experience with it and feel that it is fun and very competitive when playing with friends. heck i even have ignored my girlfriends calls and texts cause im in the middle of a round and catch skull skull is on. and i love how they let u know that its the last wave by playing the amazing halo music. i often find myself yell cuss words and calling my self stupid because im so emerged in the fight. i think this is a great addition and i can't wait for the next thing like that from bungie!


  • I agree with almost all of what you said. I can't stop playing firefight with my friends, many levels to choose from and a different experience each time you play. I think that Halo's firefight gave a different feel and gameplay than Cod zombies or Gears of war horde, overall firefight turned out much better than I expected.I have to say I did like the campaign, but it looses most of the alone affect when you're in the Mombassa Streets. ROCK ON HALO FANS

  • I would have to say that Firefight is honestly the only good thing in this overpriced, overrated expansion.

  • firefight is just like horde in GoW accept that's in halo form

  • This game SUCKS! Bungie owes me $62.99!!!

  • This game PWNs. Firefight is awsome. I cant stop playing it.

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