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  • Blog Post: Halo 3 ODST let you down? what a shame...

    I was not turned away by the lack of competitive multiplayer, though it would have been greatly interesting to play as an ODST in multiplayer, relying more on stealth than you normally already need to. This game was really fun and was very interesting. This was a more campaign led game and that disappointed... More
  • Blog Post: A new faceless hero gets his fifteen minutes of fame.

    It's been a while since I've played Halo 3, and I had never touched ODST until recently. Now that I've had the time to play this title - without the residual effects of the smear campaign against its sixty-dollar pricetag plaguing my judgment - for myself, I must say that this game, regardless... More
  • Blog Post: Halo review

    This game sure came out on top with being a sequel to the halo franchise, but this game dosent let you play as the heroically epic master chief that we come to know and love. No You are An odst (orbital drop shock trooper) and it takes place during the second and third halo games. the gameplay is like... More
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