Playing as the Master Chief in any Halo game makes you feel close to invincible...that is until your shields give way and you have to find cover...or when a grunt sticks a plasma grenade to your shiny, metal armor,... or when an Elite cuts into you with a plasma sword... or a Brute Chieftain bashes your head in with a gravity hammer...but anyway the experience is quite gratifying. In certain parts of ODST where you play through flashbacks of missing teammates you can achieve the feeling of awesomeness as you fight the Covenant as a toned down version of Master Chief. Like I did in past Halo games I'd set the difficulty to Legendary, snipe enemies from afar and when they get too close I'd chip away at their shields then melee the hell out of 'em (a tried and tested tactic in multiplayer) that is if their buddies are already taking a dirt nap or otherwise preoccupied. Of course if all else fails, chuck some grenades and run for cover. Vehicles return to lend fire-power and speed for fast getaways as do fan-favorite weapons sans dual-wielding. Now the big difference in this version of Halo 3 is when you're in the armor-plated shoes of The Rookie. His rain filled, night time missions are reminiscent of horror games where music sets the mood in dark and dank quarters that are made more visible through the use of night vision VISR enhancements. Squads of Covenant forces patrol the city looking for survivors to exterminate as you make your way through alternate paths to flank, sneak or just plain avoid enemies when possible. Phantom drop ships constantly hover above the skyline resupplying troops in areas you already cleared making it detrimental to keep moving before you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Wrecks left from previous battles loom on the battlefield. Car alarms go off, motion sensitive street lamps turn on at certain areas that may give away your position. Corpses of UNSC and Covenant forces tell stories of final stands within building hallways, rooms and city streets. It's all very humanizing and shows you a different side to this conflict, the non-super-soldier side. You'd think a game that forced you  to play as Clark Kent when you're used to playing as Super Man would be a major let down but in this case it's refreshing especially when you know that under that shirt and tie there is an 'S' on your chest.