Bungie set out with the intention of making an expansion for Halo 3. What they achieved instead was a product that provides more content, story, and multiplayer action than most of the full games on the market.

The campaign of ODST provides a great twist to the traditional Halo gameplay. Don't expect  major differences, it still plays very similar to Halo 3, but with minor tweaks that add refreshing new scenarios. 

As an ODST, you feel alone as you explore the city of New Mombasa. This feeling of isolation is credited to the amazing soundtrack Bungie composer Marty O'Donnell has crafted. This is some of his best work yet and is one of the main reasons to check out this game. 

Besides the traditional Halo-esque campaign, there's firefight mode that adds a wave based survival game mode to the mix. This is a great addition to the franchise and makes it feel like that survival modes were meant for Halo from the beginning. Out of all the franchises with a survival mode, ODST's has to be at the top. It's just a perfect marriage.

On the second disc is the complete Halo 3 multiplayer experience which includes all of the extra DLC Maps. This disc alone is enough to warrant a $60 purchase, even 2 years after is release. Halo 3 is by far the most complete multiplayer experience and if you haven't experienced it yet then where the heck have you been? You need to play Halo 3's multiplayer. This is a great deal if you haven't bought the maps, however if you've spent $10 on each map pack then this is kind of a rip off because all you're getting is 3 new maps and repurchasing all the maps you have already bought. However, you get the opportunity to obtain Recon armor which makes it all worth it.

Simply put, ODST is a must for all Halo fans. It's an expansion that has the personality and physique of a full blown AAA game.